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By Angela West |

The Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario launched its new vehicle listing website,, to great success in late 2017. The website has differentiated itself from other online vehicle buying platforms by giving customers a more confident and secure vehicle purchasing experience, featuring all-in pricing, no liens on listed vehicles, full disclosure, and a clean, distraction-free design. Since its launch, has seen more than two thousand UCDA member dealerships listing new and used vehicles on the site, offering users a safe experience that is guaranteed to be free of unsavoury and private sellers.

The latest feature being added to the already impressive is the addition of customer to dealer live chat, bringing both parties closer than ever before. The new live chat features are set to be implemented immediately, offering customers and dealers alike a new way to communicate anytime, anywhere. Live chat gives vehicle buyers a unique opportunity to ask and answer vehicle questions, discuss pricing, financing, or trade-ins, and conduct follow ups with recent buyers. The addition of live chat support is another major example of how is changing the way UCDA dealerships do business, creating a more modern and customer-friendly experience.

How is changing the customer experience

The live chat features being introduced by allow for instant communication between customers and dealers, allowing for real-time conversations that go a long way in sourcing information, increasing customer trust and confidence, and improving customer retention rates. Dealers can capture conversation data to pick up where they left off in future interactions with returning customers, as a learning experience for future customer interactions, as well as for training purposes. Live chat will be available across a variety of platforms, including, dealer websites, Facebook, and Google – all through one easy to use portal. Implementing live chat across all online platforms has been shown to result in an increase of leads up to 35% higher than current numbers.

Live chat is available on both desktop and mobile platforms, offering a seamless experience for dealers and customer representatives who wish to quickly snap vehicle photos with their mobile device and return to their laptop to continue chatting with a customer. Through live chat, dealers can choose to accept customer conversations at anytime, with the option to keep the feature active 24/7, or to disable it when the dealership is closed. This means that salespeople can better control the flow of incoming leads, interacting with customers and keeping them engaged at any time, from anywhere, using all their favourite devices. With, your dealership will never miss another lead again, and will be able to offer customers the convenient modern experience they’ve come to expect from all businesses.