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Among the various programs to assist employers and employees during the
COVID-19 crisis, one of the potentially most significant for Members is the
federal promise of a 75% wage subsidy, through the just announced Canadian
Emergency Wage Subsidy.

The Wage Subsidy will cover qualifying businesses for up to 3 months,
retroactive to March 15, 2020, to help businesses keep employees on, and
hopefully return laid off workers to, the payroll.

Businesses will be able to apply online through a soon to be announced
Canada Revenue Agency Portal. We will update Members on this when the portal
is set up.

Some important points about the subsidy:

  • Tied to lost revenue, not employer size
  • Open to any Employer that has lost at least 30 per cent of revenue
    (year over year for March, April and May) due to COVID-19
  • Must re-apply monthly
  • Will provide up to $847 per employee per week (for the first
    $58,700 worth of salary)
  • Employers are ‘expected’ to do their best to ‘top up’ employees
    for the remaining 25% of wages

DETAILS on this program as well as other federal business support programs,
such as $40,000 interest free loans, tax payment deferral and HST remittance
deferrals can be found here: