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The Federal and Provincial Governments have each announced assistance
packages to help businesses, including dealers, cope with the drastic
economic effects of Covid-19.

For businesses, these measures include wage subsidies temporarily reducing
the amount of income tax that employers need to remit from employee payroll
deductions for three months. Other measures include increased access to
credit and other tax deferrals.

More information on Federal Government assistance to employers can be found

The Federal Government has also made it easier for laid off or sick
employees to apply for Employment Insurance Benefits.

The Ontario government has announced assistance for small business,
including temporarily reducing the amount of Employer Health Tax that
businesses are required to remit and eliminating interest and penalties for
late filing.

More information about provincial assistance can be found at:

The UCDA urges all members who remain open for business to continue to
follow the practices  recommended by public health authorities, including
frequent hand washing, sanitizing of work places and social distancing of no
less than 2 metres between individuals. Consider having as many employees
work from home as possible, as the UCDA has done, and only dealing with the
public on an appointment only basis.

Everyone’s help is needed to keep people healthy and prevent our health
system from being overwhelmed.