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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

By May 20, 2020January 5th, 2021No Comments
Many UCDA Members have asked for guidance on how to obtain PPE for
themselves, their staff and their customers.  Gloves, masks, sanitizers,
visors … the accessories few of us ever thought about months ago, and now
see around us all the time.As you may have heard reported in the media, there have been problems
associated with finding good PPE, from price gouging, to shortages, to
inferior quality. We hope to help Members avoid some of these pitfalls.

The following link to PPE providers is provided by the Province of Ontario:

This link is provided as guidance for Members to assist in providing a safe
work environment. The UCDA cannot vouch for, or accept responsibility for,
the quality, function, or price of any of the products offered by the
suppliers on the list.